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With tears that color this heart

With the warmth that it's transmitted with these arms


PSYCHO-- サイコ!
gusari gusari guasri gusa gusa

About Semi-active.

Writing, reading, music, tumblr, drawing, candle making.

Avelcain. レイヴ. けけ(ヶ´∀`). Blitz. Fi'Ance. the:Ø. Nega. Emmurée. Deadman. MiLK. Emu.. ayabie. Dolly. Lareine. Malice Mizer. Moi Dix Mois. Phantasmagoria. Penicillin. Plastic Tree. PLASTICZOOMS. Sadie. Suicide Ali. The Candy Spooky Theater. UnsraW. D.I.D. Codomo Dragon.

Nagi♡. Ren. Karma. Waka♡. Keke♡. Ryoryo. Mihal. Sho Asakawa. Akane. Hayato.
Suicide Club. Battle Royale. Battle Royale II. Goth. White. Ju-on.

Dolls. Nu Goth fashion. Eyeballs. Bones. Gore.

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